Funny Children's Book Review Goodnight Vacuum

Book Review: Goodnight Vacuum Sucks (in a good way!!)

Love vacuums? Hate endings that make sense? Then this book is for you! Goodnight Vacuum is relatable if you're as obsessed with the hoovers as I am, and I really see myself in little Grayson who starts his day and ends it the same way - thinking about that shiny dirt sucker in the closet. 

The book kicks off strong, with references to some of my favorite vacuum components like the cord and handle, but when Grayson heads for bedtime it goes a bit off the rails. The reader is transported alongside Grayson to a wacky world you'd expect to visit if Willy Wonka and that Dyson guy had a baby, and it was a world. But I like candy, so I'm still hooked as of this point...

Where Goodnight Vacuum loses me is the end. I won't spoil it, but let's just say it sounds like the author was heading towards something momentous when her four year old probably had a very rationale meltdown over something like a missing stuffy or pasta that wasn't hot or cold enough, and she had to just give up.

So while I'm disappointed in the seemingly disjointed finale I'm still giving Goodnight Vacuum a stamp of approval because it sucks in all the ways you want it to!


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